Are you an avid reader? Do you feel comfort among the books? Are you friends with them? But you have a busy schedule and cannot move to public library. That seemed a problem, but not anymore! and a lot of others have simple solution to your problem. How? They are going to transform one of your room into a mini library!!

A library in home?
Yes, you read it right! You no more have the need to travel to a distant public library. Home remodeling experts have the magic to not just place a book case at a corner, but they will do the magical things to transform it into a wonder library.
Following are few of the renovative ideas to convert your extra space into something productive, cozy and magical:
• Rock creek Library
It is also designed is a rustic closed living room with a mantle and fire place. The experts build small heighted book shelves for easy accessibility.
• Modern white shelving
Living room is transformed by the experts into a mini home library. Shelves, chairs and tables are like egg crate.
Occupying small spaces
• Home remodeling experts have amazing ideas to cover up small area under the stairwall by adding some shelves under it.
• Innovative ideas when you have only one wall to satisfy your reading hunger, a built-in reading-nook is made along the wall among the books.
• Book space can be maximized by the floating shelves mounted on swing doors.
• A double height entrance hall can be remodeled into entrance library by the home remodeling experts filling it with artifacts.
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We are living in the digital age, but still the feeling of a good book in your hand is incomparable to any technology. Home decor companies take each project individually and meticulously craft it to satisfy their clients.

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